Free Museum Admission Days

Hope everyone had an amazing winter break, and that gearing up for winter term isn’t causing too much undue stress! One great way to ease back into the quarter is a visit to a local museum – and even better if that visit is free.

Thanks to Shannon, we have a beautifully compiled table listing a number of local museums and which days they offer free admission. Great for visiting for fun, and also an easy and inexpensive ways to start looking around for an internship or other work opportunity.

The museums are listed down the left, and the days/weeks of the month running along the top. The yellow squares blocked in are dates of free admission. For example:

  • Autry National Center offers free admission the second Tuesday of each month.
  • The Getty Center has free admission all the time.
  • The Hammer Museum has free admission every Thursday.

(For students: Even if these don’t work well with your schedule, remember to check the museum website or call them up to see if you can get a student discount – many offer reduced rates to students who bring in photo ID.)

(You can click on the chart above to enlarge the image to full-size.)


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