Why Would A Grad Student Join SLA?

Curious why you should join SLA? (The larger organization, that is, not just our [awesome] student chapter.) Brandy King has written a wonderful post detailing just that over at the SLA Social Science Division blog. Here’s a link to her post, and a quick excerpt:

Why would a grad student join SLA? To answer this question I could quote the membership page of the SLA website, listing off the benefits given there, but that seems too much like a stock answer. And truthfully, I haven’t been an SLA member long enough to gauge its impact on my professional life. However, I think I can give one clue to the key to grad students’ loyalties: being welcomed. I certainly think this matters much more than the membership benefits touted by SLA, since we have similar resources being dangled in front of us by a variety of other professional organizations. When SLA is just another acronym in the sea of associations, it’s easy to put off joining for later in our careers, if at all. A commitment to inclusiveness and an attitude that graduate student contributions are valued makes all the difference.

Also, not to brag, but we’ve been told more than once that our little student chapter has the best events. For instance, have you heard about the workshop we’re helping to host on October 20 at FIDM?


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